Today we will discuss the importance of observability and monitoring in modern cloud applications. In last two decades, the world has seen many technology revolutions. One of such revolutions was emergence of cloud based technology. Anyone with a credit card now create a data center and deploy applications. It also meant that the traditional way of development and deployment of software was not working as cloud is dynamic. The resources in cloud are treated as “herds” and not “pets”. For example servers can be terminated anytime and replaced by new servers. …


In a recent project I had to deploy a python application in almost 100k hosts. Almost 50% of the hosts run Ubuntu-14 and rest of them run Ubuntu-18. We were also testing some Ubuntu-20 hosts to run the same application. Ubuntu-14 supports python2.7, Ubuntu-18 hosts support python3.6 and Ubuntu 20 hosts supports 3.8. Ubuntu 14 had an older python version (python 3.4) where running our application using python3 was challenging as some of the libraries were not getting installed. Upgrading the python3 version in Ubuntu-14 was not an option as there were many python applications running and upgrade may…

Learnings from python2 to python3 migration

Recently I have worked on couple of projects to migrate from python2 to python3. In this article I will discuss some of the learnings during that process.

  1. Make code compatible with python2 and python3

The first step is to make code compatible with python2 and python3. We used futurize tool to achieve this. The benefits of making the code compatible is that we can keep merging our changes without causing regression. This is important in projects where many developers are contributing frequently. The other benefit is that we can switch between python2 and python3…

Suman Shil

Software developer, Father, Optimistic, Eternal learner

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